Toe Separator, Toe Trainer

Toe Separator, Toe Trainer

$10.00 incl. GST

If you have attended Be Podiatry for any foot pain or issues you will likely have been introduced to Toe Yoga! Sounds funny (well it kind of is!) In some of these Toe Yoga positions patients find it difficult to separate their toes. This trainer help with enforcing muscles memories in the smaller muscles of the foot so that patients can progress to spreading their toes with out this trainers assistance over time.

How to use it
1. Insert your toes through all of the openings.
2. Cannot be worn with socks and is unsuitable for walking.

How it Works
The Based Toe Separator is designed to provide relief and correction for common toe conditions and deformities. The accessory is designed to place the toes in a more natural position. Recommended for use at night or when not required to walk. Also useful for toenail painting and pedicures.

Suitable for:
Our Toe Yoga/Strong feet program to help improve your ability to spread your toes.

Not sure if this is something you need or interested to see if Toe Yoga could help you on your way to being healthy, happy and comfortable? Book in to see our podiatry team here!

Washing Instructions:
– Hand wash with cold water
– Use gentle detergent is needed
– Flat dry in shade
– Do not expose to direct sunlight