Gel Toe Sock (closed end)

Gel Toe Sock (closed end)

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This Gel Toe Sock provides protection and cushioning for your toes. Our podiatry team finds these helpful for people who find their tip toe rubs in shoes or even if their second toe is pushing into their big toe this gel sock can be helpful.
This product can be great for those who are going on long treks to minimise the chance of blistering and damaging the tips on toes/toe nails from repetitive trauma (lots of down hill walking or long distance running)

How to Use
1. Cut the gel tube to it’s desired length with scissors.
2. Use the tube to cover the affected toe

How it Works
The Gel Toe Tube is features a fully silicone lined but breathable fabric tube. The tube is designed to cover and protect your toes from friction and provides relief for corns and calluses.

Suitable for:
Corns, Calluses, Blisters

Washing Instructions:
– Hand wash with cold water
– Use gentle detergent is needed
– Flat dry in shade
– Do not expose to direct sunlight

Made from Medical Grade Silicone
Latex Free

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