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Our experienced team of podiatrists are well-equipped to manage all of your foot and ankle concerns, providing a tailored and caring approach to all concerns you might have.
Common patients that are managed by our team include those with heel pain, plantar fasciitis, bunions, callous, corns, ingrown or fungal nails, or those suffering from injuries secondary to sport or activity. We also provide orthotic education and management of foot pain, and management of children’s feet, understanding the developmental changes a child’s foot undergoes as they grow, play & learn.

Another key service provided within our practice at Be Podiatry is general skin and nail care. This is of particular importance for those who are unable to access their feet, due to injury or immobility, or those that prefer the safe and efficient management of their skin and nails by a fully-qualified professional.

At Be Podiatry, we understand the frustration of sore feet and the effect this can have on day-to-day living. It is our goal to provide you with the highest level of care available to us, taking into account your specific goals while curating a care plan to assist in achieving your desired health outcomes, such as reduced pain, improved function, and improved quality of life.

Our team at Be Podiatry take great pride in our individualised approach to healthcare, curating a management plan that addresses the specific needs of you as the patient. We take into account factors such as activity level, health goals and specific needs of our patients to deliver a high-level service within Greensborough and the wider community. Our goal is to keep people happy and healthy with regard to foot health and general wellbeing, with a compassionate approach to assessing, managing and educating on a range of health concerns.

If you or someone you know is experiencing foot pain, or require assistance with caring for your feet, call us on 9434 4422, or click here to book online.

Meet the Be Podiatry team

Michael Podiatrist Be Podiatry Greensborough

Michael Ceravolo

Michael is a keen podiatrist at Be Podiatry. He studied at Latrobe University in which he now holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences/Masters in Podiatric Practice.

Michael has participated in a number of sports at a high level, Such as running a 10.95 100m sprint.
He has also completed a number of triathlons with the Greensborough Tri Club, which has given him first-hand experience with more endurance athletes and sports.

He has a keen interest in musculoskeletal conditions such as heel pain and achilles tendinopathy. Michael believes that it is important to work collaboratively with you and your goals in order to fit a treatment plan to your lifestyle.

He’s also an invested Carlton supporter for better or worse! He is always happy to have a chat about The Blues or the AFL!

Luke Podiatrist - Be Podiatry

Luke Poci

Luke is an enthusiastic and committed podiatrist at Be Podiatry (Formally Diamond Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic) who holds a Bachelor of Applied Science/Masters in Podiatric Practice from La Trobe University.

Luke has previously competed as a high level athlete in karate competing at state, national and international levels, and has an aptitude for biomechanics and maximising sporting performance. Luke’s highest achievement includes placing 2nd at the Commonwealth Championships in 2011. High level competition has enabled Luke to understand the difficulties associated with injuries and absence from sport for periods at a time.

Luke has also previously worked at Active Feet, Active Feet is a specialised shoe store that provides the link between the shoes that are available on the market and what suits your biomechanics, foot posture and function. As a result, he has extensive knowledge on all footwear types and walking/running biomechanics which he uses to assist his patients in their diagnosis and management. Luke has also completed his certificate in dry needling and enjoys using this adjunct with musculoskeletal conditions. Luke takes pride in being a podiatrist and applying evidence based practice in all his treatment modalities. Staying up to date with current evidence and applying these principles in practice is one of the many ways Luke aims to better himself as a podiatrist.

Kaitlin Campbell Podiatrist

Kaitlin Campbell

Kaitlin is a passionate podiatrist at Be Podiatry ( Formally Diamond Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic). She completed her Bachelor of Applied Science & Master of Podiatric Practice at La Trobe University and has a passionate interest in the fields of musculoskeletal injuries, diabetes foot assessment/management, ingrown toe nails and general foot care.

Kaitlin has previously worked across South East Melbourne in private practice and has also worked at Active Feet , which has provided her with extensive knowledge of footwear and lower limb mechanics.

Kaitlin is trained in dry needling of the lower limb and also the use of extracorporeal shockwave therapy for acute & chronic foot and ankle conditions like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinopathy.

When out of the clinic, Kaitlin enjoys hanging out with friends and family, listening to Podcasts, going to the beach and playing social netball on a Monday!


Rhys De Silva

Rhys graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Applied Science/Masters in Podiatric Practice. He has a keen interest in all aspects of podiatry with a particular focus on musculoskeletal pathologies such as achilles and plantar heel pain. He also enjoys treating those tricky problems such as warts and fungal nails.

Growing up Rhys was a keen basketball player and currently enjoys watching and talking about all sports. Rhys has since taken up running which has introduced him to a number of injuries including lateral ankle sprains, Morton’s neuroma, joint synovitis and plantar heel pain to name a few. It is from these personal experiences that enable Rhys to relate to his patient’s and understand how frustrating injuries and foot pain can be. Rhys regularly uses a number of treatment modalities including taping, shockwave therapy, footwear and foot orthoses as part of a tailored management plan to assist you to achieve your goals.

Client Experience Officer

Ayva Leahy

Ayva recently finished year 12 at OLMC in 2021 and is currently completing her first year of study of bachelor of nursing at Latrobe. Ayva is an avid reader and in her free time she enjoys spending time with her friends and family and relaxing at home!

Olivia Admin - Be Podiatry
Clinic Coordinator - Client Experience Officer

Olivia Leahy

Olivia has been a part of our Client Experience Team for 3 years and has just transitioned into a full time role as our Clinical Coordinator. In her spare time Olivia thoroughly enjoys spending time with her close family and friends. She enjoys making client connections and having an impact on making you healthy, happy and comfortable while you are in the clinic.

Client Experience Officer

Lauren Bull

Lauren has recently joined the Client Experience team at Be Podiatry. Lauren has an extensive background in customer service and reception. She enjoys exploring waterfalls, going on long hikes with her partner and kayaking in her free time. If she’s not at work she’s likely to be found at the beach. Lauren is looking forward to building connections with all of our lovely patients.

Kate Podiatrist Director - Be Podiatry

Kate Heslop

Kate graduated from La Trobe University holding a Bachelor of Podiatry with a position on the Dean’s Honours List.

Kate continues to be involved in the development of the podiatric profession having previously been a Director on the Board of the Australian Podiatry Association (Victoria) and is currently a Clinical Supervisor at LaTrobe Universities Student Podiatry Clinic.

Kate has a strong passion for orthotics not being a ‘life sentence’ for patients and using it to assist with pain management while building strength within the intrinsic muscles of the feet and if possible weaning patients out of their orthotics over time.

Kate like the whole team at Be Podiatry (Formally The Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic) has completed training in Foot Mobilisations, Radial Shockwave and Dry Needling which we use alongside our classic podiatric skill set to provide our patients with a well rounded treatment and management plan to ensure they are on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

Why choose us?

As a patient of Be Podiatry (Formally The Diamond Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic) not only do you benefit from extensive experience and professional qualifications, you will receive personalised treatment and individual care that takes into consideration your unique circumstances and lifestyle.

What’s more, the podiatrists at Be Podiatry ( Formally Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic) are able to assess and treat children’s feet so you can be confident that the healthy growth and development of your children’s feet are as precious to us as they are to you.

Our core purpose is to help our community achieve health, happiness and comfort for a better quality of life. Let us help you!

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