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At Be Podiatry, our team of podiatrists are all specially trained in the delivery of shockwave therapy as a treatment modality for plantar fasciitis or soft tissue injuries. Shockwave therapy involves delivering focal acoustic waves into the tissue at the painful site, promoting increased healing and assisting the body in breaking down painful scar tissue or adhesions. 

Shockwave is a beneficial tool for those who have suffered from painful, chronic heel pain, or acute discomfort from sore arches or tendon pain. Recent studies have shown that shockwave is particularly effective in reducing pain and improving function of the plantar fascia and other soft tissues, and as such is commonly associated with successful management of discomfort for patients within our clinic. 

The major benefit of shockwave therapy is the non-invasive nature of the treatment. We often utilise shockwave as a first contact point for pain management, however it is also beneficial in the long-term management of foot pain, providing a ‘top-up’ throughout a year to ensure effective tissue function and reduced foot pain.

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