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Are you someone that suffers from chronic or recurring ingrown toenails, or pain at the side of your toe? Ingrown toenails are a very common concern that is seen and managed within our podiatry clinic at Be Podiatry. A common misconception is that all ingrown toenails are caused by poor maintenance or trimming nails incorrectly. Unfortunately many people are prone to ingrown toenails regardless of their trimming technique, as the shape of their toenails causes irritation at the side of the nail regardless of how the nail is cut. 

Following assessment, management and thorough education, it is common practice within our clinic for one of our specially-trained podiatrists to perform a procedure on the sore toe, removing the offending nail portion under a local anaesthetic. The procedure involves complete numbing of the toe, followed by aseptic removal of the nail spike that is causing concern. Our team will then dress the toe in sterile dressings, and provide the patient with post-operative care to help ensure safe and efficient healing of the surgical site. 

This procedure is a safe, effective and timely way of reducing the likelihood of recurring ingrown toenails, and has helped many patients go about their normal day-to-day activities pain free.

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