Tinea Spray

Tinea Spray

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SolvEasy Tinea Spray (16ml) is our podiatry teams Tinea (also known as Athete’s Foot) treatment of choice. It is a once daily treatment that you spray on unlike creams you need to rub on with your unaffected hands (think about it for a minute)

If you aren’t sure that you have Tinea it is best it is diagnosed before you commence treatment with this product. Book in to see one of our Podiatrists here to have a thorough assessment of whats going on.

How to use:

Clean and dry the affected area thoroughly.

Apply SolvEasy Tinea Spray once daily, for one week to the affected area and the surrounding skin.

If the infection is on the sole of your foot, use for 2 to 4 weeks.

The active ingredient in SolvEasy Tinea Spray remains in the skin and continues to fight infection for more than 7 days after application ceases.

Do not use soap as soap may further irritate your skin. Cleanse with a soap alternative.

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