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Our team at Be Podiatry offer a comprehensive biomechanical assessment as part of our standard Initial Appointment if you are suffering from foot pain.

Our clinic space provides us access to the following: 

  • In-house treadmill for running gait assessment;
  • Hardware used for filming and documenting gait assessment (the mechanics of your walking pattern);
  • ToePro for assessing toe muscle strength, important for performance as well as reducing the risk of falls;
  • Comprehensive assessment weight bearing and non-weight bearing, looking at joint and muscle function and overall muscle strength of the foot and lower limb;
  • Manual Mobilisation of the foot and lower limb, assisting the joints of the body moving most efficiently;
  • Dry Needling of the foot and lower limb, assisting in the management of tight or painful muscles and soft tissue structures;

Each of the mentioned modalities of treatment as well as Orthotic Therapy and Shockwave Therapy  allow our team of podiatrists to tailor a curated management plan to the individual needs of you as our patient. This means that we are afforded the ability to assess you as an individual, taking into account activity, occupation, interests, etc. when formulating a management plan to address your specific needs.

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