Cam Boots and Cam Walkers Greensborough

Cam Boots and Cam Walkers Greensborough

Cam Walkers/Boots are used by our Podiatrists at the Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic, Greensborough for a range of musculoskeletal conditions. Helping patients from the Greensborough area and around Melbourne recover faster from injuries.

The ‘CAM’ in Cam Walker/Boot stands for ‘Controlled Ankle Movement’. Wearing a Cam Walker/Boot will limit movement and pressure around the affected foot and ankle when the boot is being worn.  This usually allows a faster and more effective healing period.

Cam Walkers/Boots are sometimes referred to as a “Moon Boot” or a “Fracture Boot” they act similar to that of a traditional Plaster Cast, However the unlike traditional plaster  the Cam Walker/Boot is able to be removed for showering and sleeping (depending on the injury). In addition to this it can also be loosened and tightened as swelling increases and decreases during the healing period.

While a Cam Walker/Boot is designed to be walked in without the aid of crutches, some injuries do require a period of NON weight baring where by you will be required to use crutches as well (this will be discussed during your appointment and fitting).

Common injuries that require complete immobilisation via a Cam Walker/Boot includes (but is not limited) to the following conditions:

* Non-Displaced Fractures

* Ankle Sprains

* Achilles Rupture or Tear

*Stress Fractures/Reactions

All of our Podiatrists are qualified to properly fit Cam Walkers/Boots to allow prompt healing and comfort.

We can usually offer a same day fitting service at our clinic, which is easily accessible to from Greensborough, Eltham, Watsonia, Diamond Creek, Bundoora and surrounding suburbs. To reduce your waiting time at the clinic we encourage you to call 9434 4422 so that we can check stock and find an appropriate fitting time for you.

If you require a Cam Walker/Boot or would like any more info feel free to contact us on 9434 4422 or book an appointment online

If you have any non-urgent questions regarding a Cam Walker/Boot please feel free to send us an email  One of our Podiatrists will return your email and answer any questions you may have!

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you seek professional assistance when buying and wearing a Cam Walker/Boot. Along with assisting in fitting the Walker/Boot (and teaching you how to put it on and off). We will discuss with you how to avoid further injuries associate with wearing a Cam Walker/Boot and how to return to activity when transitioning out of a Cam Walker/Boot.


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