Your Daily Foot Care Routine

Your Daily Foot Care Routine

Your feet work overtime, so why shouldn’t they get VIP treatment? Every step you take, your feet are right there with you. Yet, they’re often the most neglected part of our body.

Did you know that the average person walks about 100,000 miles in a lifetime? That’s like walking around the Earth four times!

Just like your face needs a skincare routine, your feet also need their daily dose of love. We want to change that. Here are our general skin care tips that cater to all skin types, ensuring you kickstart your day on the right foot.

Morning Rituals

  1. Begin your day by washing your feet with a gentle soap. Rinse thoroughly. Ensure they’re dried well, especially between the toes, to ward off and prevent fungal infections.
  2. Slather on a foot-specific moisturiser. This keeps the skin soft and prevents dryness. Remember, hydrated feet are happy feet!
  3. Opt for comfortable shoes that fit well. If you’re heading for a workout, ensure your sports shoes provide adequate support. Your feet will thank you.

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Midday Check

  1. If you’ve been sitting for a while, take a moment to stretch your feet. Rotate those ankles, and play the air piano with your toes to flex your feet.
  2. If you’ve been wearing heels or tight shoes, give your feet a break by changing into a comfier pair.

Evening Care

  1. After a long day, treat your feet to a warm soak. For added relaxation, include some essential oils and Epsom salts.
  2. Use a gentle exfoliating scrub on your feet to remove dead skin cells to prevent corns and calluses.
  3. Trim your toenails straight across using proper nail clippers. Avoid cutting too short to prevent ingrown toenails.
  4. Before bed, apply a foot cream. For an added treat, wear cotton socks to lock in the moisture.

Weekly Treatments

Notice something off? Maybe a persistent pain or a new corn? That’s your cue to see a professional. At Be Podiatry, we’re here to help.

Step Up Your Game

Your feet were made for walking, but they deserve a little care. Following our daily routine ensures your feet stay comfortable, healthy and ready to take on any adventure. But sometimes, you need a little extra help.

That’s where Be Podiatry comes in. Our team is passionate about ensuring your feet feel cherished and well-cared for. Trust us to give your feet the attention they deserve so you can confidently take on the world.

Whether you’re looking for a routine check-up, specialised treatments, expert advice on general skin care tips or even a new pair of shoes, we’ve got everything you need and more. Ready to pamper your feet? Book your appointment online today, and let us take care of the rest.


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