My ingrown toenail keeps coming back – How do I fix it?

My ingrown toenail keeps coming back – How do I fix it?

My ingrown toenail keeps coming back - How do I fix it?

Have you been dealing with Ingrown Toenails for a while? You’re probably used to the pain, antibiotics, salt water bathing, betadine, Band-Aids and even the reoccurrence…These pesky ingrown toenails can be a nuisance, However there is a solution!

Ingrown toenails occur when one side of the nail curls down and grows into the nail sulci (side of the nail bed). This can happen from poor nail cutting technique, trauma to the nail, picking the nails, tight footwear, genetics and very involuted (curling in) toe nails. Sometimes if the ingrown toe nails are left untreated, they can become infected and can get hypergranulation tissue (overgrowth of blood vessels and flesh); this can take even longer to heal. Most of the time, conservative treatment works, but sometimes a minor surgical procedure can be performed by your Podiatrist in the treatment chair using a local anaesthetic! 

The procedure is called a Partial Nail Avulsion (PNA) and chemical matricectomy – it sounds complicated but I promise you it is a very simple procedure. A local anaesthetic is given at the base of the toe (this is the only uncomfortable part), then we use a few instruments to remove the nail edge, without making any cuts into the skin. After this we use a chemical called Phenol at the nail base which cauterizes the area to prevent it from growing back. – See, not too complicated! There is a 98% success rate with Phenol – which is wonderful!

There is hardly any pain once the anaesthetic has worn off. The wound takes about 3-6 weeks to heal, depending on the person e.g infection, footwear. Healing rate etc. The nail/wound will have to be kept dressed with an antiseptic and bandage. For the first 24-48 hours we recommend you avoid walking around, as the wound may bleed heavily. Most people get back to normal activities after a week or so. 0f8e40 babd904b325a5cfde102859460b41f1a

So, if you feel like your ingrown toenails won’t go away, please book in to see one of our Friendly Podiatrists who would be more than happy to assist you!

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