Childrens’ sore toenails: How to fix sore toenails

Childrens’ sore toenails: How to fix sore toenails

Why are my kids’ nails sore?

Keep hearing how sore your childrens toenails are? Tired of trying to self-treat them at home just for them to reoccur?

We hear you! Kids nails are often sore due to poor cutting techniques, picking at their nails, inappropriate footwear, trauma and sometimes it is just our genetics.

Regardless of the cause sore toe nails are horrible, feeling that pinch with each step and finding it difficult to even get on our school shoes or soccer boots is not fun for your kids!

How can we help?

Our team of fully qualified podiatrist are more than capable to help treat your childrens sore painful toenails but also make them feel comfortable and at ease before doing so. We get that going to see a health professional can be scary for kids especially when we need to look at an area that is already sore!

Our team has worked with hundreds of patients who have sore toe nails and are able to successfully assess and treat these in a range of different ways.

Commonly the nails can be sore due to trauma!

Soccer, Football or Ballet take up a large portion of your weeknights and weekends? This could be the cause of the sore nail, our toes often get sore from sports where we run and stop abruptly causing the toe to hit the end of the shoe (trauma) or place ongoing pressure on a toe/toenail – ballet and other dance styles can be to blame here.

What does treatment involve?

So we will always start conservatively with our treatments at the Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic we won’t be rushing into any nail surgeries if we don’t think it is warranted but we will always assess and treat your child with care and respect.

We may be able to fix the problem in one appointment as there may be a nail spike that got away during the last self-trim at home or after your child pulled awkwardly at their nail causing it to tear or rip.

On occasions where the issue is continually reoccurring or there has been a family history of ingrown toe nails we are able to complete a small, quick in clinic procedure that can resolve the issue forever! That’s right forever! No more sore nails or complaints from kids after sport. This procedure is relatively pain free and we are there to walk you both through the process to make sure all nerves are calmed and you know exactly what is going on each stop of the way.

Hopefully this blog post has cleared up your concerns regarding your kids’ sore nails.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment for further assessment with one of our podiatrists give us a call at 9434 4422.

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