Welcome to the DVFAC Blog!

Welcome to the DVFAC Blog!

Welcome to the FIRST blog of

Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic!


DVFAC now has a new BLOG…. right here! where we will regularly post updates on relevant and interesting topics aimed for an audience of:

– Those with foot/ankle injuries

Athletes interested in bettering their performance and reducing risk of injury

Podiatry students wanting to learn more about the profession and opportunities available

– and local community involvement

Stay tuned and follow us for upcoming topics including:

  • Running and tips for peak performance
  • Footwear
  • Foot and Ankle Injuries
  • Common complaints we see as podiatrists
  • Podiatry Career advice (for young podiatrists and students)
  • And other general discussion topics that interest not only our patients, people with injuries but podiatry students and health professionals!!!

We encourage you to post any questions or thoughts you may have!


Keep posted and enjoy!…… our first discussion will be:

 “Running Shoes – What’s the Diff?”


Dr. Sally Belcher (Podiatrist)








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