Ankle Sprains and instability treatment in Greensborough

Ankle Sprains and instability treatment in Greensborough

At Be Podiatry in Greensborough we understand the difficulties of chronic ankle instability, whether it stems from previous injury, foot posture or a general feeling of instability. Are you someone that has suffered an ankle injury, or constantly feels unstable at the ankle? We’re here to help!

Ankle pain or instability can be a point of frustration for many patients, with implications on sporting performance, work environment, or day-to-day activity. Ankle instability is a common point of contact within a podiatry clinic, and as such a thorough understanding of the causes and management of these complaints is paramount. 

There are a number of factors to be considered when assessing the ankle stability of a patient, and each can have distinct flow-on effects with regard to management. Such podiatric factors can include: 

  • Previous injury;
  • Muscle tone;
  • Joint range of motion;
  • Footwear;
  • Activity levels & surfaces; and 
  • Ligament laxity or joint hypermobility;


It is important to understand that most commonly chronic ankle instability is not related to any one factor, but rather stems from a multifactorial origin. Previous injury is the most common factor in assessing risk of re-injury. As such, appropriate rehabilitation and strengthening post-injury is highly necessary. Whilst most have a good understanding of the importance of rehabilitating soft tissue structures, damage to the nervous system of the foot and ankle is often overlooked. At Be Podiatry, we consider all body systems in our assessment of an ankle sprain, ensuring that post-injury management includes mobility, strengthening and promotion of peripheral nerve innervation. 

The ankle and subtalar joints are a complex collection of soft tissues, and are tasked with ensuring agile and coordinated movement of the foot during walking, exercise, and day-to-day activities. As such, it is important that there is a multifaceted approach to caring for general ankle instability, or foot and ankle pain secondary to an acute injury. A curated exercise and rehabilitation program promotes a tailored approach to care for our patients, with prescription of an array of exercises that address muscle strength, joint mobility and effective joint proprioception. Proprioception refers to awareness of what position a joint is in at any given time, and relates to the large fibre nerves of the body. 

If you believe you are someone that might benefit from thorough foot and ankle assessment due to previous injury, a recent acute ankle sprain, or just general ankle instability, get in touch with the team at Be Podiatry for a comprehensive biomechanical assessment. The team will curate an informed and well-rounded approach to rehabilitation, taking into account your general fitness, common activities, muscle strength and footwear while adapting a management plan to your needs. Call at 9434 4422, or book online today.



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