Are you in Greensborough and looking for wart treatments? Read on to find out more!

Are you in Greensborough and looking for wart treatments? Read on to find out more!

We know that warts can be frustrating to get rid of…

Have they come back after previous treatments? Are you sick and tired of having them on your feet and want to know what options are available? We’ll provide you with all the information on how we can help get your feet looking great and pain-free just in time for Summer!

What are warts?

Also known as Verruca and Papilloma, warts are a contagious skin lesion that can appear anywhere on the feet. They may also pop up on the knees and hands! Most of the time, warts aren’t very painful but it does depend on where they are on your feet. Warts can disappear on their own but it could take months or even years so it’s important to treat them before they get bigger or even spread to other spots on your foot!

What causes warts?

Warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that enters the body. Most people pick up warts via direct contact to the skin. This usually occurs in public areas or where people tend to walk barefooted such as:

  • Swimming pools
  • Public showers
  • Hotel floors

How are warts treated?

At the Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic we’re able to assess and manage warts effectively. We offer a few treatment options as well as at home treatment advice. The treatment options we have include:

  • Salicylic acid
  • Cryo-spray
  • Topical at home treatments

We decide which treatment option will be the most suitable for you depending on the following factors:

  • Age
  • Wart site
  • Wart size
  • Previous history

For more information on warts, you can check out our Facebook post below:

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Posted by Be Podiatry – Your Foot & Ankle Clinic on Sunday, 10 November 2019


Hopefully this post helps to clarify any questions about warts for you. If you’re in the Greensborough area, we can help get you get your feet ready for Summer! For individual advice regarding your feet, feel free to contact us at 9434 4422 or book an appointment online.




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