Looking for Formthotics in the Greensborough area? We can help you!

Looking for Formthotics in the Greensborough area? We can help you!

Do you live in Greensborough and looking for Formthotics?
Are you experiencing foot or heel pain? Does your foot require support? Formthotics may be your answer! We’ll provide you with some information about them and how they can help get your feet feeling happy again!

What are Formthotics?

Formthotics are prefabricated foot orthoses. Meaning, they are an ‘off-the-shelf’ orthotic, readily available to be issued on the day of your appointment. At the Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic, we’re able to make sure the fit is right for you and adjust them to suit.

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  • Red layer: cushioned to increase comfort and absorb shock
  • Blue layer: firmer to provide support and mould to your foot

How will Formthotics help you?

They are a medical grade device used within shoes which can help in the following ways:

  1. Re-distribute pressures
  2. Help offload sore spots
  3. Improve foot function
  4. Alter alignment of the lower limb and foot
  5. Improve walking and running efficiency

What’s the difference between Formthotics and custom-made foot orthoses?


Pros Cons
Full size range available (US 4 – US 15) Most options only apply pressure in the arch area
Readily available to be issued on the day of your appointment Do not fit to the feet as well as custom-made foot orthoses
Can be easily modified Do not fit well in all shoe options (only in runners)
Cheapest option Do not last very long (up to 1 year)
Soft and comfortable to wear (very little wear-in period)

Custom-made foot orthoses

Pros Cons
Able to choose specifically where pressure needs to be applied Not readily available
Fit to feet perfectly Top cover may need to be replaced (can wear out over time)
Can be easily modified (more so than Formthotics)
Easier to fit in most shoe options
Last longer

Hopefully this helps to provide a better understanding about Formthotics and how they can help you. At the Diamond Valley Foot & Ankle Clinic, Greensborough, Formthotics are available in the full size range! For individual advice regarding your feet, feel free to contact us or book an appointment online.



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