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At Be Podiatry, our clinic prides itself on providing a high standard of general skin and nail care. With 1 hour Initial Assessments and 30 minute Subsequent Appointments, we are afforded more time than most podiatry clinics** to perform tasks such as trimming, clearing and burring nails, reducing thickened skin and callous, and removing painful corns where present.

At Be Podiatry we understand the difficulty of living with an injury, or reduced mobility to access your feet to care for them yourself. We also appreciate that often it is not appropriate for a person to care for their own skin and nails in instances of poor eyesight, pre-existing disease, or difficult to manage skin and nails. It is for this reason that we encourage patients to access our podiatry team for regular skin and nail care, as well as thorough assessment to check the blood flow and nerve supply of the feet and lower limbs. It allows a team of trained professionals to ensure your foot and lower limb health is kept intact, and keep you on your feet doing what you love. 

(** based on standard 20 minute appointments at podiatry clinics)

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