K-Laser for musculoskeletal pain in the foot and ankle

K-Laser for musculoskeletal pain in the foot and ankle

Do you suffer from foot and ankle pain? This may help you!

Across our three Be Podiatry locations we have invested in the latest K-Laser technology and are proud to offer this as a treatment option. K laser may be used as part of our comprehensive management plan to help reduce your pain and achieve the best results possible. 



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What is K-Laser?

K-Laser is a quick, non-invasive and pain free treatment that is extremely useful when treating conditions of the foot and ankle. It is considered to be a low level laser therapy which can be used for a multitude of different musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. 

How does K-Laser work? 

K-Laser utilises a low level infrared light and works via a mechanism called photobiomodulation. 

Photobiomodulation occurs on a cellular level whereby the infrared light produced by the laser interacts with certain cells leading to a number of biological reactions within the body.  

Benefits of K-Laser include:

  • Increased blood flow and oxygen to an injured site.  
  • Anti-inflammatory (Reduces swelling and bruising by increasing vasodilation and lymphatic drainage).  
  • Analgesic affect (desensitises nerves associated with pain and reduces swelling).  
  • Increased ATP production which acts as energy in the body. 
  • Increased tissue repair and regeneration.
  • Faster removal of waste products in the body. 
  • Speeds up cellular growth.  

How many sessions do you require?

For the best response we typically recommend 6 sessions of laser therapy. This may vary depending on the extent of your injury or condition. We can structure these sessions in a number of different ways. 

For example:

  • One session per week for 6 weeks
  • Two sessions per week for 3 weeks
  • Three sessions in one week, two sessions the following week and one the week after.

What conditions can K-Laser be used for?

Please click on the links for more information about the conditions listed above. 


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