Be Podiatry K-Laser: Latest treatment for foot pain, warts and fungal nails

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Meet our most versatile piece of technology at Be Podiatry

At Be Podiatry, we are proud to offer the latest and most advanced technology to our patients. 

Our experienced podiatrists have been trained in K-laser therapy which is available across all of our locations. This treatment modality is considered to be quite new and may not be readily available at a standard podiatry clinic. K-laser is extremely versatile and has many clinical uses. This makes it a great adjunct treatment option that we implement as part of an overall management plan. K-laser is considered to be a quick, safe and non-invasive treatment which makes it suitable for children as well as adults.


So what is K-laser? 

K-laser is a low level laser which aims to stimulate tissue repair along with reducing pain and inflammation. It improves circulation which provides oxygen and essential nutrients to the tissues in the body. This is beneficial for not only musculoskeletal pain but for treating fungal nails and warts.

K-laser can help to destroy fungal cells and wart tissue by heating the tissue up to a level where it cannot survive.  This makes it a fantastic alternative for long standing infections that haven’t responded to any other treatments. 


What conditions can K-laser be used for?


For more information on K-laser please click on the above links. These will help to give you an understanding on how K-laser works for specific conditions and whether it may be an option for you. Alternatively, contact the clinic and one of our podiatrists would be happy to discuss this treatment option further with you. 

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