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Are you looking for a podiatrist in Bundoora to take care of your feet and ankles? At the Diamond Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic we strive to restore your mobility with a range of treatments for your feet and ankle. Our fully qualified podiatrists specialise in a range of fields, ensuring every member of the family can have their problem solved.

Common problems our podiatrists treat in Bundoora

  • Overuse injuries of the foot and ankle
  • Nail disorders
  • Foot injuries
  • Calluses and corns
  • Skin problems
  • Foot infections

Fun facts about feet

  • Remove your shoes and study your feet. You will notice that they are not exactly the same. In fact, it is very rare to find two feet that are precisely the same size. In most cases, one is often bigger than the other.
  • Matthew McGory holds the title for the world’s largest feet. Matthew wears a gigantic size 38 ½ sized shoe.
  • Madeline Albrecht broke the world record for feet sniffing. She sniffed 5,600 feet to take over the disgusting world record.

Children’s Podiatry

If you have any concerns about your children’s feet, it’s important to be proactive about it. Children’s feet are complex structures that need special care during their development and growth. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to tell whether your child’s foot is developing at a normal rate, as the speed in which children’s feet grow varies quite a lot. This is why it is important to discuss any concerns about your child’s feet with a professional podiatrist. Our podiatrists specialise in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitee of disorders in children’s foot and lower limbs.


At the Diamond Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic we provide a comprehensive diabetic foot care service. A crucial part of diabetes management is foot care. Failure to take proper care and management of feet can result in a range of serious problems for diabetics including amputation. Our podiatrists test blood vessels and nerves to establish the status of diabetics’ feet and determine the risks. They also assist with assessment, prevention, maintenance and education.

Foot Surgery

In addition to foot and ankle treatments, our podiatrists also perform foot surgery at our podiatry clinic in Bundoora. They carry out a range of minor soft tissue surgical procedures on feet including the removal of ingrown nails and warts. If you require a large surgical procedure on your foot that our podiatrists cannot accommodate at our clinic, they provide you with a referral to a reputable surgeon.

Sports Podiatry

Our podiatrists strive to help you return to exercise as soon as possible with expert assessment, diagnosis and quality treatment. Whether you enjoy a casual daily stroll, a social netball game, or running marathons, we cater for every level of exercise. Unfortunately, when you do perform physical activities there is a chance for pain and injuries. We specialise in treating a range of issues that are caused by exercise including soft tissue problems, ankle sprains, shin splints, heel pain, tendonitis and muscle soreness.

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