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If your feet are causing you pain and you dream of moving more freely, consult with a professional podiatrist in Eltham today. At the Diamond Valley Feet and Ankle Clinic we prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate a variety of different foot and ankle disorders. Our podiatrists will put you on the path of recovery and rid your feet of any pain and discomfort.

Our podiatrists treat a range of common foot problems including:

  • Calluses and corns
  • Skin problems
  • Nail disorders
  • Foot injuries
  • Foot infections
  • Overuse injuries of the foot and ankle

Foot Facts

  • In a lifetime, a typical human, they will walk around the earth 3 times. This equates to a staggering 128,000 kms.
  • When a person runs, it puts massive pressure on the feet. At times it can be as much as four times the body weight of the runner.

Children’s podiatry

Most children start walking between eight and 18 months of age. To start of with, most toddlers are flat-footed or walk with their feet turned inwards. Unfortunately at this stage, ligament stiffness and muscle strength is yet to catch up to the other developments. However, these problems always improve as feet become stronger. During the development stage, it is often difficult to determine what is normal development, as children’s feet grow at different rates. If you have any concerns about your child’s feet it is important to discuss them with a podiatrist. With our podiatrists, you can ensure your children’s’ feet are in good hands.


People who suffer diabetes are prone to experiencing recurring and often severe issues with their feet. They also have a moderately high chance of developing infections, gangrene and amputation. For people who are afflicted with diabetes mellitus, they can also suffer problems with their motor, sensory and autonomic fibres. A vital part of a diabetics’ annual review routine is to visit a podiatrist who will examine and analyse feet to look out for diabetic neuropathy. At the Diamond Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic, we provide a comprehensive diabetic foot care service including assessment, prevention, maintenance and education.

Foot surgery

We like to provide our patients with a comprehensive podiatry service. Therefore, we endeavor to perform all treatments in our clinic, including foot surgery. If you need a minor soft tissue surgical procedure, our qualified podiatrists can carry out the removal of skin lesions including warts and ingrown nails. For more complicated surgeries, we will refer you on to a trusted surgeon.

Sports podiatry

It is our podiatrists’ aim to help you return to your exercise regime as quickly as possible. No matter what level you participate in, everyone needs strong, healthy feet to participate. While exercise is essential for our overall fitness, physical exercise puts increasing stress on the body. This stress can result in a variety of issues for the feet including heel pain, soft tissue problems, ankle sprains, tendonitis and muscle soreness. With the care and assistance from our qualified podiatrists, you will get back into your regular routine in no time.

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