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Eradicate pain from your feet by visiting a professional podiatrist in Rosana

Visit the Diamond Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic to speak to a professional podiatrist. At our clinic, we focus on taking care of the foot and the ankle. Our goal is to ensure you can participate in daily activities with ease and in comfort. We eliminate the pain in your feet and ankle, associated with a range of different issues including sports injuries, children’s feet, diabetic foot care, orthotic requirements, foot surgery and more.

Common problems our podiatrists treat

  • Overuse injuries of the foot and ankle
  • Nail disorders
  • Foot injuries
  • Foot infections
  • Calluses and corns
  • Skin problems

Foot Fun Facts

  • During the hot weather fingernails and toenails grow faster. This is also the case during teenage years and pregnancy.
  • Have you ever wondered why feet are so smelly? Soaking into your socks every day is on average 500 ml of perspiration. This surprising amount of sweat is produced by the 250,000 sweat glands in the feet.
  • When you stand up, our foot grows two sizes longer on average.

Children’s podiatry

It isn’t until a child turns five that it has all 26 bones in its foot. Children are born with just 22 bones in each of their feet, plus lots of soft, flexible cartilage. This cartilage slowly grows into bone, and by aged two a children’s foot shape becomes defined. There are three main shapes, which include tapered, rounded or squared. Taking care of your toddler’s feet will help prevent any foot problems for your child later on in life. At the first sign of your child suffering with pain, discomfort or problems with their feet, visit the podiatrists at the Diamond Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic.


A common complication associated with diabetes is foot problems. There are several ways feet can be affected. Firstly, diabetics may experience slower healing feet, owing to the blood supply being affected. The second problem is nerve damage, which results in the loss of feeling in the feet. Those who suffer nerve damage can also suffer blisters or minor cuts, which can develop into ulcers. It is vital diabetics take close care of their feet to prevent these problems and seek help when necessary. Our podiatrists provide assessment, prevention, maintenance and education for diabetic foot problems.

Foot surgery

At the Diamond Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic we strive to provide a comprehensive podiatry service for our valued patients. Our podiatrists endeavor to support patients throughout treatment and deliver a full service, when possible. If a patient requires minor surgery, our podiatrists have the skills and experience to perform it in our clinic. Our podiatrists perform a range of minor foot surgeries under local anesthetic including nail, soft tissue and wart surgery.

Sports podiatry

Our podiatrists strive to keep your feet strong and healthy so you can participate in sport and exercise. It is not just professional athletes that require special treatment of their feet, but anyone participating in physical activity. Any level of physical exercise places increased stress on the body, which can result in a range of conditions. Our podiatrists specialise in treating a range of problems including ankle sprains, heel pain, soft tissue problems, muscle soreness and tendonitis.

Book an appointment at our foot and ankle clinic today

If you have been suffering foot or ankle pain, phone the Diamond Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic on 9434 4422 to book an appointment.

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